Browne: Ramsamooj not under arrest in Suriname

Derek Ramsamooj -
Derek Ramsamooj -

TT political analyst Derek Ramsamooj has not been arrested in Suriname.

Foreign and Caricom Affairs Minister Dr Amery Browne made this comment on Tuesday, in response to reports which alleged Ramsamooj had been arrested.

Browne said, "Our information is that he is not in custody at this time, but is assisting authorities there with an investigation. He added that the ministry is monitoring this issue."

A report in the Suriname media claimed that Ramsamooj was detained by the Public Prosecution Service there in connection with a probe at the Surinamese Post Savings Bank.

Ramsamooj cold not be reached for comment.


"Browne: Ramsamooj not under arrest in Suriname"

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