Beckles-Robinson: 25,000-house goal is possible

Housing Minister Pennelope Beckles-Robinson.
Housing Minister Pennelope Beckles-Robinson. - SUREASH CHOLAI

Responding to concerns that government's goal of providing 25,000 houses in ten years was unrealistic, Minister of Housing and Urban Development Pennelope Beckles-Robinson said while it was possible, a co-ordinated multi-sectoral approach was needed for the project's success.

On Monday during his budget presentation, Finance Minister Colm Imbert said over the next decade government would work towards building and leasing 25,000 homes for citizens.

Some people were sceptical of this goal, saying while it would be a good initiative, it was not likely to meet the schedule or required figure.

Speaking with Newsday after an indigenous memorial ceremony outside the Red House on Friday, Beckles-Robinson said the goal was achievable, but called for all stakeholder agencies to marshal their resources and work together.

"It has been done before. Government has built over 50,000 houses over the last couple years, and working with the private sector as well, there are a lot of skilled people who are unemployed during the covid19 pandemic. So it's also the training component, where if you train people, we recognise Trinidadians can work hard.

"We have starter homes that are being built in three months or less.

"So I think it can be done, but all the different things have to be in place and we have to work together, whether it's from the Town and Country Planning, the different regional corporations, the construction sector – it really requires people being willing and people believing it is possible."


"Beckles-Robinson: 25,000-house goal is possible"

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