AG: New system will solve Tobago's land-title issues

A view from the Parlatuvier lookout in northwest Tobago. PHOTOS BY TYRELL GITTENS -
A view from the Parlatuvier lookout in northwest Tobago. PHOTOS BY TYRELL GITTENS -

ATTORNEY General Faris Al-Rawi has declared an upcoming system will solve Tobago's land-title issues.

He was contributing to the budget debate in the House on Monday.

He announced that on October 26 the ministry will have the ability to do all searches for the Real Property Act and the "old law act" online from people's offices and they will not need to come into the registry.

He also said an application-for-appointment system has been acquired.

He stressed this property and real estate system is critical for Tobago.

"With that system we will have survey map, and we are ready to launch the land adjudication system, the land tribunal system, the Registration of Title to Land Act suite (which lay on the books of TT from 1999). This year we will be launching that system...because you had to have the technology to make it work."

"And therefore," he announced, "Tobago will finally receive the solution to its land titling issues."

Al-Rawi said it was no coincidence this Rowley-led government had brought this system, as this was the only government willing to win the popular vote in Tobago.

"Because we at least run in a Tobago election. I don't know what solace my honourable colleagues opposite can take in saying that they don't run in Tobago, that they're not interested in representing the people of Tobago."

Barataria/San Juan MP Saddam Hosein sought to move a point of order of imputing improper motives, but the Speaker overruled it.

Al-Rawi also promised Government will finish the Tobago independence conversation. He said the legislation requires more work and will take a three-fifths majority to pass. He said it was to be seen whether people who do not seek electoral representation in Tobago will support the legislation.


"AG: New system will solve Tobago’s land-title issues"

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