No contact sports allowed to resume as yet

Minister of National Security Stuart Young - Jeff Mayers
Minister of National Security Stuart Young - Jeff Mayers

CONTACT sports are still not allowed, even though the Prime Minister has increased the number of people gathered outside from five to 10.

Speaking at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s on Saturday, Dr Rowley announced that the number of people allowed to congregate outside will be increased from five to ten. National Security Minister, Stuart Young later interjected saying that contact sports will not be allowed although the restrictions have been raised.

In clarifying the increased number of people allowed to gather outside, Young said: “The regulations with regards to team sports and contact sports remain intact. It is not going to affect the team sports and contact sports.”

Rowley said he will address the country again in two weeks time and at that time a further decision will be made with regards to easing of restrictions which is expected to impact, gyms, contact sports and other outdoor activities.

In September, the Health Ministry gave an exemption for non-contact sports to continue. A media release then said: “The Minister of Health has granted an exemption to clubs which operate to support sporting activities, save and except, that such sporting activities are group contact sports and/or teams sports.”

It continued: “This exemption permits clubs which support sporting activities, which are not group contact sports and/or team sports, to operate. These clubs and their members must operate in accordance with the remainder of the regulations.”

The Sports Ministry also addressed the issue at the time saying in a media release, highlighting the process the national sporting organisations must take.

Sports Minister Shamfa Cudjoe expressed satisfaction with the decision taken at the time and encouraged persons to exercise continued caution.

“The threat of the pandemic is still a priority” she said then, adding “we are still on high alert. As such, the ease of restrictions does not negate social distancing norms, sanitising, use of masks and other guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health.”


"No contact sports allowed to resume as yet"

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