Davidson-Celestine: ‘Stop the discrimination!’

Health Secretary Tracy Davidson-Celestine. PHOTO COURTESY THA -
Health Secretary Tracy Davidson-Celestine. PHOTO COURTESY THA -

Secretary for Health, Wellness and Family Development Tracy Davidson-Celestine is urging Tobagonians to avoid discriminating against people who have tested positive for covid19.

She made the appeal last week at the division’s media briefing.

“In keeping with the covid19, I want to use this opportunity to remind members of the public, wherever you are, that again, there is no shame, no stigma to be attached to those persons who have since tested positive with covid19 and especially those who have since recovered.”

She added: “I remind you that we are basically fighting an invisible monster and a monster that does not respect anyone of us regardless of age, gender, standard of living or any of those circumstances.

“This request is for you the members of the public, to not discriminate against anyone who would have covid19 at this particular point in time.”

Medical Chief of Staff, Scarborough General Hospital Dr Victor Wheeler said he has not received any reports of staff discriminating against covid19 patients.

“If it is occurring, it has not been reported to me.”

Wheeler also said frontline healthcare workers appear to be coping with the challenges.

“We have not had any issue where we are cancelling persons leave. Persons who have been applying for leave have been getting their leave as requested.

“Persons who have earned their days off are getting their days off and those who need to access psychological support, that service is accessible for them to access it.”


"Davidson-Celestine: ‘Stop the discrimination!’"

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