(UPDATED) Police: Kanchan made no reports of domestic violence

Reshma Kanchan. -
Reshma Kanchan. -

The police service says 25-year-old Reshma Kanchan, who was chopped to death in Penal by a man on Tuesday morning, never made any reports of domestic violence and there was no protection order in effect.

In a statement on Wednesday, the police said investigations have revealed Kanchan only made one report of disturbance of the peace on Wednesday last week “and asked that no action be taken against her alleged attacker.”

The police said two officers spoke to Kanchan and a man who also lived at her mother’s house. It was also reported that the man and Kanchan’s mother had a falling out and he was no longer allowed to stay there.

“As a result, he went to stay at his father’s residence at Siparia, while Ms Kanchan continued to reside at her mother’s home.”

Kanchan, the police said, also told them her mother did not want the man going to the front of her house “where he had been making allegations against her.

“PC Rock enquired from her if she had a protection order and she replied ‘no’. PC Rock then spoke to both parties and advised them to seek counselling at the Victim and Witness Support Unit at the Penal police station and they both agreed.

Kanchan’s murder has not only emotionally moved people in TT, but internationally. Her family said the support has been overwhelming.

She was on her way to work when she was ambushed by a male relative. A fatal blow with a cutlass almost severed the head of the mother of two.

The suspect blocked her path using his car, returned to the car and drove a few feet before crashing into an iron bin. Residents found him with apparent self-inflicted wounds to his neck, smoking a cigarette. The Siparia electrician was hospitalised under police guard up to Tuesday evening.

The two separated five months ago. Relatives said Kanchan had been a domestic violence victim since she married five years ago.

She lived at Laltoo Trace in Penal, with her two daughters – five and two, her 50-year-old mother Davica Kanchan, and other relatives.

Speaking with Newsday on Wednesday morning, her sister Beema Kanchan said the family is trying to cope. She said her mother is “coming along” and doing “much better than Tuesday.

"We haven’t gotten any updates from police so far, but my mom went to the hospital to see if they could get the death certificate.”

Beema said many have reached out to show support, which she is grateful for. “People from Florida and other places have been reaching out to me since yesterday. They are all saying they want to help and that they’re trying to spread the news worldwide.

“My family came and helped out and would have supported us right through.”

She said relatives of the suspect are yet to contact her family.

“I would like to talk to them personally because since they were married, we kept trying to talk to them to send the man to counselling and stuff. If they had listened to us, maybe none of this would have happened.

“If they come and show their face, we would know they’re feeling a little guilty. But my mom – she don’t want them anywhere around.”

She said some people have suggested counselling for the victim’s children.

“They are still asking for her and crying for her. The big one understands but the little one was still being breastfed so she is still asking for her mother saying she wants tea, wants milk. We have to explain to her every day that mummy is not coming back.”

Reshma was a part-time URP worker at a primary school. An autopsy is to be done by Friday.

Police said the suspect remains in hospital undergoing treatment and is yet to be interviewed.


"(UPDATED) Police: Kanchan made no reports of domestic violence"

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