SSFL hails late Tigers, Royalians coach Grosvenor

THE Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) has hailed the lasting impact made by former St Anthony’s and QRC coach Nigel Grosvenor, who died on Friday at the age of 63.

Grosvenor served as coach of the St Anthony’s “Tigers” from 1983-2016 and then the “Royalians” from 2017-2019.

In a media release, the SSFL said, “We all witnessed the deep passion he had toward the sport and the great love he had for his players, shine through in everything he did.

“As we got to know him better it became abundantly clear that he did not do it to make a name for himself (which happened anyway) or to win championships (which his teams did anyway). Instead, he wanted to shape young individuals to act as leaders.”

Grosvenor was also a dean and a physical education teacher at St Anthony’s.

“At the SSFL 50th anniversary ceremony in 2016, Grosvenor was recognised for his accomplishments and service in the League which ended with him winning six National Intercol and three National League titles as coach of St Anthony’s.”

The media release stated, “Grosvenor had the gift of understanding the teenage spirit. And therein laid his secret to success.

“He had high expectations of his teams and he pushed his players to realise their dreams.

“We thank him for sacrificing his time at the dinner table with his family in order to make it to practice and matches with his teams.”

The media release ended, “Thank you ‘Grovey’ for pushing players outside of their comfort zones in order to show them that sometimes their comfort zones were hurting them from being the successful athletes they had the potential to become.

“Thank you for teaching players how to compete and hold a competitive mindset but never allowing themselves to be sore losers.”


"SSFL hails late Tigers, Royalians coach Grosvenor"

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