Carnival musicians making new plans

Marvin “Swappi” Davis -
Marvin “Swappi” Davis -

Carnival stakeholders are adjusting to the cancellation of Carnival 2021 and the restrictions on entertainment put in place by the covid19 pandemic in various ways, some more successfully than others.

Manager Seon Isaacs said the artistes he manages have consistently been recording new music during the pandemic. He currently manages Shivonne "Lil Bitts" Churche-Isaacs, Seumas “Azaryah” Callender, formerly known as Flipo, Devon “Dev” Harrris and Marvin “Swappi” Davis.

Isaacs said he and the artistes had come up with a contingency plan during the pandemic period which just needed to be executed.

“They’d be releasing new music, as there’s a lot of new music to release.

"Virtual shows are part of the contingency plans as well.

As for carnivals regionally and elsewhere, he said, "A lot of countries are having Carnival, but they have a lot of rules and regulations in place.

"For those of us who would have had contractual arrangements prior to covid19 with people, a lot of those people are now trying to tap back in(to) those particular arrangements so it would coincide with some of the overseas things, but not generally. We will release more details over time.’

A-Team Band manager Zarin Morean said the band has been experiencing challenges in getting the type and frequency of work they normally do during the Carnival season.

“This will be a very difficult period, but we understand the reason for it.

"I hope the virtual concerts and stuff like that continue so we can get some sort of revenue from it. It might not be what we’re accustomed to but drop by drop the bucket will full. We got one or two virtual shows to do. but it’s not what we’re accustomed to. and the payment isn’t what we’re accustomed to also, but we’re trying to make it work, to get through this period.”

Morean said many band members had turned to temporary jobs to be able to make ends meet.

“I know a lot of members of the band have started looking at temporary alternatives, one is doing graphic design, one or two members started giving music lessons, others have their cars working...Right now it’s just survival.”


"Carnival musicians making new plans"

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