Crashed 'sou-sou' admin's car firebombed

The firebombed car at her Ste Madeleine home -
The firebombed car at her Ste Madeleine home -

Police are searching for a suspect who firebombed the car of a "sou-sou" administrator on Sunday night at her home in Ste Madeleine.

The woman controlled two "sou-sou" investment groups that crashed weeks ago. A number of social media users have been posting pictures of her, asking for information on her whereabouts so that they can retrieve their money.

Police believe angry investors, who have been asking for refunds, set her car afire.

A police report on the incident said the woman and her boyfriend locked and secured the Mazda and another car before going inside their home around 10.30 pm.

The firebombed car at her Ste Madeleine home -

At 11.20 pm the couple smelled smoke, checked the cars outside and saw the Mazda on fire. They were able to extinguish the fire, but the rear bumper, right tail light and right side of the trunk were badly burnt.

There was also minor heat damage to one headlight of the other car.

Fire officials were unable to say what caused the fire and are still working out the cost of the damage.

The woman did not want to talk about the incident when Newsday contacted her on Monday morning but confirmed the burnt car was hers.

The firebombed car at her Ste Madeleine home -

Asked about the crashed investment scheme possibly being linked to the arson, she didn’t want to comment.

Investigations are ongoing.


"Crashed ‘sou-sou’ admin’s car firebombed"

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