Javier Thorpe, 5, goes virtual with his drumming

While Javier Thorpe can no longer perform in-person at concerts, due to covid19, he continues to perform at home and posts videos on social media. PHOTOS COURTESY JERRARD THORPE -
While Javier Thorpe can no longer perform in-person at concerts, due to covid19, he continues to perform at home and posts videos on social media. PHOTOS COURTESY JERRARD THORPE -

Before Javier Thorpe’s first birthday, his parents sensed he had a feel for drumming.

Using pot spoons, Javier drummed away on any furniture in sight.

A few months before turning two, Javier visited his great aunt’s house where he saw and played a drum set for the first time. He loved it.

For Javier’s second birthday, his parents bought him a drum set. By age four, he had another.

Now five, Javier is enrolled in drumming classes and has performed at multiple shows.

“We tried him on different instruments like the piano, keyboard and guitar.

Recognising his musical talents, at a young age, Javier Thorpe’s parents purchased his first drum set at the age of two. A few months before his parents bought the drum set, Javier saw and played his first drum set at his great aunt’s house. -

“He gravitated towards the drums over everything else,” Javier’s dad, Jerrard, told Newsday Kids.

But music is also in Javier’s DNA. His grandfather played the keyboard and is a DJ. His great uncle and aunt, along with their children, created a family band.

“Javier carefully observes his grandfather’s every move when it comes to music. He also tries his hand on the (DJ) turn tables,” said Jerrard.

Enrolled in drumming and music classes at Angelic Sounds Music Centre in Arouca, Javier attended weekly in-person classes with his tutor before covid19.

Now, he attends classes online and practises at home.

When Javier Thorpe is not playing the drums, he likes to practise spelling and do sums. -

“Javier is also self-taught. He looks at YouTube videos and tries, what he sees, for himself.

“He knows his parents aren’t musicians, so he doesn’t take advice or coaching from us,” said Jarred.

Without asking for help, Javier also knows how to set up and tune his drum-sets.

“I enjoy drumming because I love it. It is fun. My favourite songs to play on the drums are Happier and Proud by Marshmello. I love them," said Javier. “My favourite drummer is Mighty Mouse Dex because he plays really good.”

Javier has performed at church, in music recitals at Angelic Sounds Music Centre and in concerts for Kimberly’s Royal Steel Orchestra.

Javier Thorpe is already an accomplished drummer at the age of five. Being tutored in drumming, at the Angelic Sounds Music Center, Javier has performed in several concerts and music recitals. -

As a preschooler, Javier played drums for the KidsPlay Kindergarten music band. For the opening ceremony of this year’s Junior Panorama finals, the school’s music band did a special performance. Javier, and all the rest of the band’s members, received special medals from former education minister Anthony Garcia, after the performance.

Despite covid19, Javier continues to perform and posts videos on social media.

“He still does the same number of videos (for social media). He usually does between four to six videos, monthly,” said Jerrard.

In May, Javier performed virtually for the #SaveTheWorld covid19 awareness campaign which was organised by a music studio in India.

For the campaign, he performed High Hopes by Panic at the Disco.

At the end of his performance video, Javier left a message on how people can flatten the covid19 curve.

When Javier is not playing the drums, he likes to practice spelling words and do sums.

He also rides his bike and regularly takes a dip in his pool.

Recently starting primary school, Javier is now adapting to online learning at Optimum Primary School (TOPS) in Arima.

Javier is not sure what he wants to be, when he grows up, but teaching may be on the cards.

At home, he pretends he's teaching drumming classes.

“At his age, we are proud and thankful he has found a passion for something positive that he truly enjoys. We encourage parents to invest in their child’s life and talents," said Javier’s mom Melissa.

“If a child is interested in something, that can add value to their life, encourage them to build on it.”

Keep up to date with Javier’s online performances by following him on Instagram @javier_thedrummer


"Javier Thorpe, 5, goes virtual with his drumming"

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