13 Venezuelans found hiding behind boat in Erin

Thirteen Venezuelans, including women who were found hiding behind a boat at the Erin fishing facility on Saturday night, have been placed in quarantine. They will remain there for 14 days.

Police said the migrants, who arrived in TT illegally, were drenched and had large bags with clothing and other personal items.

They were taken to the Siparia health facility where they were medically examined and then to the Coast Guard base at the heliport in Chaguaramas.

At about 8.47 pm on Saturday, members of the Operation Command Centre contacted Erin police with information that a pirogue had just arrived with illegal immigrants at the fishing facility.

Erin police went to the beach where they saw the women and men behind the boat.

Last week Thursday, 18 Venezuelans and 14 Chinese were detained at a bar in Curepe.


"13 Venezuelans found hiding behind boat in Erin"

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