Youths learning from the adults

THE EDITOR: I have been observing the conduct of our youths for some time. And we have heard the Minister of Education recently speak out against the disrespect shown to teachers during the online classes and also a video with young men having a good time drinking what looks like alcohol.

The fact is that many of our young people over the years seem to have gone “off-track” and I believe we are at the point that if something is not done now our nation will be in serious trouble.

But are just the youth to be blamed? I believe children learn from what they see and hear. Those are the most powerful tools in training a child. If there is disrespect in the home, abuse, anger, violence, obscene language, they learn and adopt these things.

The young people – and children – are also exposed to social media and all that entails, therefore they know what is taking place, even in the political arena. And of course they are absorbing both the good and the bad. So what we are seeing among many of our youths today are seeds sown by adults. It is harvest time.

I appeal to all, let us be good examples to them. It is not too late.


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"Youths learning from the adults"

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