Powerful positives of covid19 pandemic

THE EDITOR: So many of us are expressing deep frustration, isolation, loneliness, sadness and depression during this lockdown period that I thought it necessary to offer the following pertinent list, entitled “Powerful positives of the pandemic.”

1. Getting to avoid shaking hands with the significant number of people who creep us out.

2. Same as No 1, but replace “shaking hands” with “kissing.”

3. Given the six-foot clearance we are now required to provide our fellow human being with, showering and brushing teeth have now become optional.

4. We are getting daily lessons on what not to say and, even more importantly, how not to say it by a long list of prominent people.

5. Substantial dry cleaning savings are being realised daily as most of us wonder around at home in gym shorts and T-shirts.

6. Due to rapidly retreating domestic budgets, many of us are now greatly appreciating the intrinsic value of a home-cooked hot dog.

7. A lot of us are doubling down on our relationships with our pets, only to find out that they are more loving and loyal than the majority of humans.

8. Home gardens are flourishing, with the expected health benefits coming from consuming an increased dosage of fresh food.

9. There has been a surge in charitable giving as the very best elements in human nature keep coming through to assist the less fortunate among us.

10. We recently conducted a reasonably successful general election, where those who ran the most ugly campaigns got decisively blanked by the voting public.




"Powerful positives of covid19 pandemic"

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