Heritage Petroleum: We can't 'sole-select' scrap iron dealers

Heritage Petroleum office in Santa Flora. FILE PHOTO -
Heritage Petroleum office in Santa Flora. FILE PHOTO -

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited (Heritage) has said it was abiding by the rules on the sale of its obsolete assets and will not be pressured to do otherwise.

In media release on Saturday, Heritage said, a tender process was being followed which invited bids from a wide-cross section of interested parties.

“As a wholly-owned state enterprise, Heritage is guided by the principles of the State Enterprise Performance Monitoring Manual (SEPMM) and Heritage’s associated processes, procedures, and guidelines,” it said.

It noted that the calls and claims made by the TT Scrap Iron Dealers’ Association (TTSIDA) to enter into a “sole-select” approach will not happen.

“TTSIDA is advocating that Heritage deviate from the process of public tender or Invitation to Bid (ITB) and instead engage in a “sole-select” approach and engage with TTSIDA only for this project.

“Heritage has never indicated to TTSIDA that it would deviate from the public tendering process. Heritage is committed to a fair and transparent process in the disposal of its obsolete assets.”

At a media conference on Thursday, TTSIDA said it invested heavily in a proposal for the scrap metals, after discussion with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, but was being sidelined and blinded with the tender process.

It said that the scrap metal was needed in order for the industry to survive and called for the Prime Minister’s intervention in the matter.


"Heritage Petroleum: We can’t ‘sole-select’ scrap iron dealers"

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