Will we ever get it right in jokey country?

THE EDITOR: On Tuesday it began to rain in Petit Valley around 1 pm and fell heavily for about 35 minutes, resulting in flooding on the Diego Martin Highway in the vicinity of Power Magazine and on the northern side of the Cocorite stretch, the latter being a regular occurrence once it rains.

During the downpour, they were seven sounds of rolling thunder and five lightning flashes, resulting in a power outage for most of Petit Valley. There was no yellow alert issued as no doubt this was a simple downpour that any part of the country could get during the rainy season.

But the rainfall resulted in many parts of Petit Valley losing power, because of a lightning strike, and the power not being restored for nearly six hours. And of course there was chaos on the highway caused by the water and non-functioning traffic lights.

Of concern once again is how unprepared we are for this type of event. Yes, lightning does cause electricity outages and water does flood highways. But why should it take six plus hours to rectify a power outage and why has nothing been done to elevate the water on the highway, especially as this has been a regular feature for years during the rainy season. And this was not a tropical depression or, worse, a hurricane.

To paraphrase a minister, “learn to live with floods.” Is he now implying that every time we go out we should carry a torch, a pair of floaters, and an armband with one’s name and address on it?

I’m still trying to figure out our obsession to retain the crown as the world’s jokiest country.


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"Will we ever get it right in jokey country?"

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