WASA throws light on leaks, Diego works

THE EDITOR: In response to the letter in the Newsday on Tuesday headed “WASA, floods and development,” the Water and Sewerage Authority acknowledges that it is currently engaged in carrying out important pipeline installation works along Morne Coco Road, Diego Martin, aimed at improving the level of service to customers in the area.

The project is presently coming to an end and permanent restoration work is scheduled to commence today.

It should be noted that previous paving works by the Ministry of Works were stopped outside of the project area, following discussions between WASA and the ministry, prior to commencement of pipeline installation works.

In relation to the leaks identified at Sun Valley Extension, Santa Cruz, the authority confirms that there are two leaks located in the area, which will also be repaired by today.

The authority apologises to customers and the public for any inconvenience caused by these two ongoing/outstanding jobs.


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"WASA throws light on leaks, Diego works"

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