From lockdown to lock up to free-up

THE EDITOR: In days of old when you could not solve a problem, the old people used to say “common sense make before book sense.” What an applicable reminder this is in the fight against covid19.

With the war funds exhausted and remedies spent, administrators now need to lend an ear to common sense.

If six-foot physical distancing, wearing masks of no specific dimension and trying to sanitise everything and every spot on the planet were the solutions, covid19 would have disappeared by now and the waves cease.

Where has our team failed?

1. With over 300,000 people with diabetes, it has failed to admit the hazardous environment we have and the welcoming party for covid19.

2. It has not enlightened the public about the occurrence and harnessing of natural diseases. This is part of the true education system.

3. It has not emphasised that nature’s immune system has always been the perfect defence against all disease outbreaks, as it will be against covid19.

4. It has also overlooked that money is the one common medium that is touched by over 90 per cent of the population daily. A potential spread?

5. By blaming the 25 to 49-year-olds and bar owners it is admitting ignorance of the virus and arrogance to try other remedies.

6. It has failed to make statistics predictive based on trend. If the entire population is tested, how many positive cases (approximately 30,000) and deaths (approximately 1,600) could we expect? To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The population will respond better.

7. Because the regulations are unscientific, not specific and pay little attention to the consequences and so do not strengthen our arsenal against the virus, we have been weakened instead.

8. It is devoting too much resources to rehabilitating the afflicted rather than establishing “wellness centres” to keep the population healthy. The parallel healthcare system is really an extension of the traditional hospitals. Think of the many athletes and health-conscious individuals who have been deprived of the opportunities to pursue well-being by the conversion of the National Racket Centre. Tennis is given the green light but the centre remains a step-down facility.

9. The population, realising how clueless the experts are in this germ warfare, has become more afraid of the team’s inability to manage the situation than the virus itself. I pity the confused state of our leaders.

10. Its wait on a vaccine is engaging in a nuclear war with bows and arrows.

The team’s strategies are not in sync with best practice. So let’s open up the outdoor spaces, encourage open-air activities and truly give the population the responsibility of developing immunity to fight anything infectious.


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"From lockdown to lock up to free-up"

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