Proposals for the budget

THE EDITOR: Here are some proposals that the Finance Minister can look at incorporating in his 2020/2021 budget.

* An annual licence fee ($1,200) for vehicles to use the roads. This fee to be collected by the regional authorities by December 31. If not paid and driver is caught without sticker there is a penalty.

* An increase in interest rate allowed state employees and parliamentarians for purchase of vehicle, say from six per cent to nine per cent – to take effect from 2021.

* A reduction in the price of premium gasolene from 5.75 to 4.35 with immediate effect.

* Increase in old age pension to $3,700 to be paid at 36-day intervals with effect from February 5.

* A rent rebate of 20 per cent to individual taxpayers who live in rented houses.

I suggest the budget response be on October 8 at 10 am.




"Proposals for the budget"

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