Kamla: PM looking for peacock, not laptops for children

UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. -
UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. -

OPPOSITION Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar said she was outraged that the Prime Minister was looking for a missing peacock from his farm while students were without laptops.

She was speaking Monday during the UNC virtual report.

"Prime Minister when you come for your budget on the 5th of October, when you come to Parliament, please promise to give the laptops to the children of TT. If it's one thing you must do to save this land, to save a whole generation...it is to give them laptops. Forget how it came, why it came, who did it. Just do it."

She recalled her election promise to the nation was to give free laptops again.

"Prime Minister I am giving you that over to you. Give the laptops to the children."

She said the previous UNC administration provided free laptops for form one students for four years, but the PNM administration did nothing with the programme. She added she felt outraged to know children were suffering as some were not fortunate to have laptops or access to the internet.

"And I am outraged that I can see in the newspapers that the Prime Minister looking for something called a peacock. Can you believe it? The Prime Minister is looking everywhere and have people looking all over for a peacock. How outrageous this is to know that our children...(going through suffering) and you have a prime minister looking for what? Not looking for laptops for children. Not looking for food, or hampers or textbooks for families, but he is looking for a peacock."

She said anywhere else in the world there would be outrage and she is exceedingly outraged. She stressed the party received more than 309,000 votes in the election and as the loyal opposition of TT they will do their job.

"And we will keep coming to you. We will raise the issues. Because it seems we have a media who has gone mute. That will report about somebody looking for a peacock and that happens to be the Prime Minister. If you heard that anywhere else in the world you would have had an uprising. When people suffering in these times the Prime Minister looking for peacock."


"Kamla: PM looking for peacock, not laptops for children"

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