We've lost our way

THE EDITOR: We seem to have completely lost our way in this country. Almost 300 murders (three in one day) and all the top cop could worry about is "catching" this young woman whose only "crime" was to say she was at a "private beach."

Even if there are no private beaches in Trinidad, what's the big deal? What's the crime that she committed?

The CoP sends out APBs (all-points bulletins) seeking help in trying to locate her. And having located her, and with most of our police shying away from dealing with serious crime (it can be dangerous to their health), he sends a large party of policemen to seize her devices and "interview" her.

This they are happy to do, knowing she posed no danger to them. With no appetite for catching real criminals, we must still commend these brave officers for letting the young woman know who is boss. Did they really believe they were hunting some hardened criminal, instead of a misguided young woman?

I guess they take their cue from their boss who has time and energy to debate whether he was "summoned" or "invited" by the Prime Minister, even as criminals and murderers run wild.

Between nitpicking about the difference in words and harassing the woman, clearly the top cop has crime fully under control.


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"We've lost our way"

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