MoE to adjust data collection for new school format

Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly
Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly

Minister of Education Nyan Gadsby-Dolly has updated the public on the collection of data from schools in the new academic year. Students are now required to attend virtual classes in keeping with new regulations designed to reduce the risk of covid19 spread.

In a statement released Thursday, the minister said efforts to monitor the progress of reopening schools on a new platform were ongoing.

“Having to explore novel teaching methods, students are required to be more self-disciplined and regulated and parents are playing an even larger role in the teaching and learning process than usual.

"Teaching and learning during these pandemic times calls for all our efforts to be directed in new ways.”

The statement said, for the ministry to be effective in its efforts, data collection methods needed to be “revised.”

The minister said that school principals are now being asked to provide data in three important areas including student attendance, school feeding and device availability to students.

“At the most basic level, student attendance is critical…it is important to know who is online, who is receiving packages and which students have not been reached up to this time.”

She said the school feeding list also needed to be updated as students would have left and joined schools in September. The statement said soft copy data is being requested to determine who needs the programme.

Gadsby-Dolly also said device availability data would be different from what was collected earlier this year.

“It is important as the MoE (Ministry of Education) plans, and also facilitates donations to schools, that we have an accurate picture of the landscape where device requirement is concerned.”

The statement said the data collection process is “critical (and) will take significant time and effort.”

The minister asked that the public remain patient as the ministry continued to navigates the process.


"MoE to adjust data collection for new school format"

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