A clear separation of powers

THE EDITOR: Our republican Constitution provides clear separation of powers between the three arms of government. Disharmonious and unnecessary public statements are evidently not helpful.

Recent media releases, statements and articles in local newspapers have all contributed to the unfortunate state of affairs. Currently the untidy state of affairs merely reflect the paucity of our education system.

This is not intended to criticise anyone because I believe the situation is merely a reflection of the deficiency in the teaching of English (language and literature) in our schools.

It also demonstrates how poorly equipped some practitioners are in an area that consistently demands the highest level of professionalism. This has resulted in many miscommunications and miscomprehension that are now evident in the public domain.

Finally, I would posit rhetorically: of these three words – summoned, invited or convened – isn't it pellucidly clear that the Prime Minister in his capacity as chairman of the National Security Council convenes meetings of the council?


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"A clear separation of powers"

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