How you can help cut food import bill

THE EDITOR: We have completed the first six months of living under the new restrictions imposed to deal with the covid19 pandemic. During that time we somehow successfully staged a general election, which went off pretty smoothly despite some obvious flouting of covid19 regulations across the board.

The PNM was returned to power, where it faces the monumental task of trying to increase revenue and satisfy the growing needs of a largely struggling population, with very few options to do either.

So I would like to suggest that the next five years will be the most crucial in our young nation’s history and we should all work as diligently as we can to support our national well-being in every manner possible.

In this regard, I have already begun planting as many fruit trees as can fit in my backyard and plan to start my market garden soon.

I would also like to suggest to the Government that as part of its new proposed thrust in agriculture it makes all fruit trees, breadfruit trees, tomato, lettuce, cabbage and all other vegetable plants and seeds easily and inexpensively available to all citizens in every locale.

In addition, the Agriculture Ministry must also come up with effective community programmes to educate us all on the best way to successfully grow our fruits and vegetables. Of course, WASA has to play its part too in ensuring an adequate water supply.

Hopefully, most of us will agree that as a matter of national urgency and even of national security, we have to quickly make major cuts in our food import bill. There is not a moment to waste.




"How you can help cut food import bill"

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