Ex-TTFA head: TTFA does not owe Mepham

William Wallace. -
William Wallace. -

Removed TT Football Association (TTFA) president William Wallace has again denied claims that the disenfranchised local football fraternity owes money to English media consultant Phil Mepham.

On Wednesday, Wallace issued a document entitled “Statement of Contract Issue” reiterating that Mepham was an external employee of TTFA’s marketing manager Peter Miller and the local administration was not responsible for his remuneration.

Wallace’s decision to release a statement on this matter follows a recent financial claim by Mepham against the TTFA.

According to article published on wired868.com, Mepham says the TTFA owes him £23,419 (TT$205,388), calculated at £6,000 per month from January to March plus £5,419 for December 2019.

Wallace, however, fired back at Mepham’s claims stating he was hired by Miller and not by the TTFA, thus the local organisation owes him nothing for services rendered.

The ousted president’s document read, “It is more than unfortunate that I am once again required to deal with this matter when both TTFA secretary Ramesh Ramdhan and I have already clearly stated that Mepham was brought on board by Peter Miller.

“As is the case with Miller, any payments for services rendered by him was directly hinged on income accruing from sponsorship and was, in any case, to be handled by Miller.” Wallace also stated that he unilaterally signed a contract with Miller and that the Mepham issue was a clear “byproduct of that”.

The former TTFA head also called out FIFA-appointed normalization committee chairman Robert Hadad on his recent remarks confirming that TTFA’s accounts had been in receipt of “FIFA monies intended for the Home of Football as well as expenditure on same”.

He added, “It is my view that the TTFA membership is the competent body to settle matters connected to the TTFA leadership and the unilateral signing of contracts etc. I stand ready to account to that body in a properly constituted forum.”

Wallace concluded by saying he would address this pledge and other matters on Thursday morning during a local televised morning programme.


"Ex-TTFA head: TTFA does not owe Mepham"

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