Distraction that is the towers pool party

THE EDITOR: Why are we fooling ourselves that the Bayside Towers pool party is more significant than the lies being played out in the rest of the country? Which neighbour, which friend, which macco will be calling the police or any of the newspapers?

There are other places – homes, bars, offices (government and private) – where citizens supposedly concerned about the pandemic are closing their eyes to breaches regarding social distancing, sanitising and mask wearing.

After bad-talking the decision to host the Hero CPL, I can bet my bottom dollar the cricket had many small private parties going on throughout the series.

The coronavirus is in the air and general carelessness throughout the country is feeding the community total. Covid19 is global.

This is TT where we lie through our teeth. We enjoy playing stupid. There are no photos on social media. We know exactly when and where we are allowing breaches to occur. Forget about the millions of people already dead and dying all over the world. This is TT where we do our own thing.

TT is the place where everything from climate change, flooding, and covid19 deaths will be blamed on both the Government and the useless Opposition.

Read my political lips: Crapaud says God is a Trini and He will not allow too many more people to die. That will never happen.


Diego Martin


"Distraction that is the towers pool party"

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