Brothers shot dead in Bon Air West

Brothers Stephon and Jason Springer of Bon Air West were shot and killed at their brother's home at Henry Street, Hindustan Road on Wednesday night.

Arouca police got a report of the shooting at 7.10 pm. By the time they arrived, Tevin Springer, another brother, was taking the injured men to hospital.

Police said the men were liming with friends when a white Nissan AD Wagon pulled up and someone inside fired several shots. The group scattered.

Afterwards, Jason, 22, was found on the ground bleeding from gunshot wounds to the back. Stephon, 33, was behind a wall, unresponsive.

They were taken to the Arima General Hospital, where Jason was pronounced dead at 7.15 pm and Stephon died at 7.30 pm

Investigations are continuing.


"Brothers shot dead in Bon Air West"

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