TT Stock Exchange: Investors can now trade online

TTSE electronic sign board at its Nicholas Towers, Port of Spain location. The TTSE on Wednesday launched its online trading platform TOP. -
TTSE electronic sign board at its Nicholas Towers, Port of Spain location. The TTSE on Wednesday launched its online trading platform TOP. -

Investors can now buy and sell securities online, the TT Stock Exchange (TTSE) announced on Wednesday. The TTSE launched its online trading platform (TOP), which went live on July 31. The exchange said TOP is one of its initiatives to make trading faster and more efficient.

Investors with a TOP account may access the platform from any electronic device, by logging on to TOP allows investors to enter orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once an order has been placed outside of pre-market hours 8 am to 9.30 am, and, or, during trading hours from 9.30 am to noon, the order will be queued and executed at the start of the next trading day.

Additionally, TOP also allows the user to view real-time movements in their portfolio and the stock market, and manage multiple trading accounts on the platform, the TTSE said in a release.

“TOP is most definitely a game-changer for the investing population, as it allows for the empowerment of new and existing investors, the stimulation of trading and the growth and evolution of the local stock market," TTSE CEO Amoy Van Lowe said in the announcement.

Van Lowe said investors can trade any listed security, such as stocks, mutual funds and corporate bonds, expect for government bonds.

“The TTSE recognises the need for change on the local stock market and this is evident through our new brand identity and website, which we launched through our social media platforms at the very end of July 2020. Our goal is to widen the trading options for existing investors and additionally, to attract and engage new investors to trade on the stock market," she said.

The TTSE is also looking at new younger investors who are more connected to technology.

"Realistically, millennials and Generation Z, are the future investors and entrepreneurs in Trinidad and Tobago and it is important that we adapt to meet their expectations and that of the market. With the shift in digital technology over the past decade and more, online accessibility is key to making the next investment move and we support that, especially with TOP.”

The TTSE said to begin trading on TOP, an investor must create a TOP account, be in possession of a TT Central Depository Ltd (TTCD) broker account to allow for the transfer of funds, and have a valid email address. The TTCD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the TTSE and facilitates efficient, safe and prompt clearing and settlement of securities transactions. Shareholders must open a TTCD broker account with a registered stockbroker.

The TTSE advises that with any investment decision, there is risk, despite the method used. Investors are urged to identify their investment goals and objectives, risk tolerance and investment horizon before making their decision and seek the professional advice from a financial adviser and stockbroker.


"TT Stock Exchange: Investors can now trade online"

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