Timeless: We really want to race

Timeless will be competing in the 60mph class at the 52nd edition of the Great Race which is scheduled to take place on September 26. - RONALD DANIEL
Timeless will be competing in the 60mph class at the 52nd edition of the Great Race which is scheduled to take place on September 26. - RONALD DANIEL

TIMELESS owner and throttleman Gilson Smith is eagerly anticipating the staging of the TT Great Race on September 26, as the event will continue its streak of being one of the longest-running powerboat events in the world.

On Sunday, the new date was announced for the event after the Government gave their approval.

The TT Great Race was scheduled to speed off on August 22, but due to the covid19 pandemic it was postponed.

Smith is excited that the event got the green light from the Government.

“We are elated because it was almost cancelled…we really want to race because the TT Great Race has the heritage of being one of the longest consecutive running races in the world right now and the association really don’t want to break that streak, so they trying to push the race on.”

This year is the 52nd consecutive year the event will be held.

Timeless are sponsored by Schaeffer’s Racing Oil, Seecharan’s Auto Spares and Onboard Freights and Logistics Ltd.

Timeless will be competing alongside Matrix, Limitless, Powered by God II, Soul Rebel, Knot in Slow Motion, High Grade and Trident in the 60 miles per hour (mph) G class.

The TT Powerboat Association (TTPBA) asked that private and support vessels follow covid19 guidelines by limiting gatherings to five people.

The TT Police Service and the Coast Guard will be present to ensure people are adhering to all guidelines.

Smith urged spectators to listen to the TTPBA and refrain from gathering especially at the finish line at Store Bay, Tobago. “My message to spectators is it will be live-streamed. You could stay home in your bed and watch it, you could sit in your porch, in your joining room and look at it.”

The race will be streamed on the TTPBA Facebook page. Despite the uncertainty of the event for the past few months, Smith said Timeless were always ready for the event.

“My boat is ready, my boat was ready since then (August 22). My boat really did not need too much work. (We just had to do) small maintenance on my boat – changing the plugs, filters, make sure the wires not corroded and that kind of thing…the boat in order right now. Hopefully, with God’s grace on the 26th, everything holds together and the water isn’t too bad.”

Smith, who spent part of his childhood in Tobago, will be joined by driver Kamion George on board this year. Jose Navarro is also a driver for Timeless, but won’t be competing later this month.

Despite competing in the 60 mph class, Smith is hoping Timeless can give the 130 mph class boats competition especially if the waters are not too choppy. “If the water is favourable I could push it…hopefully if the water is good (in) our ten-minute (head start) we should be a good way up the course before Mr Solo and Cat Killer and those others catch up to us.”

It will be a staggered start with the 50 mph and 60 mph boats among the early starters, speeding off at 7.10 am and 7.20 am respectively. The 130 mph A Class boats will be the last category to start at 8 am.


"Timeless: We really want to race"

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