Suspects in Glencoe robbery charged

Reaba Gilding. - TTPS
Reaba Gilding. - TTPS

Three suspects who were held by police after a robbery in Glencoe last week Wednesday have been charged.

They are 32-year-old Nicholas Solomon and 30-year-old Reaba Gilding both of Jacobin Street, Morvant, and a 17-year-old boy of Petit Valley. They have each been charged with two counts of robbery with violence.

Nicholas Solomon. - TTPS

A release from the police service on Wednesday said an Emergency Response Patrol unit saw the suspects’ car on Morne Coco Road, Petit Valley shortly after the report of the robbery was received.

The suspects attempted to evade police, which resulted in the two vehicles colliding. The officers and the suspects sustained minor injuries.

A quantity of stolen items including cellphones and jewellery were recovered.

The investigation was supervised by Insp Grant and done by members of the Four Roads Criminal Investigations Department. They were assisted by officers of the Emergency Response Patrol and Western Division Operations Centre.


"Suspects in Glencoe robbery charged"

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