'Private’ beach poster’s dad curses Deyalsingh

Odai Ramischand - Photo sourced from Ramischand's Facebook page
Odai Ramischand - Photo sourced from Ramischand's Facebook page

Odai Ramischand, father of Samantha Ramischand, who is currently the target of criticism after breaching covid19 regulations, has apparently come to her defence.

He also has strong words for Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh.

On Saturday, his daughter posted a video on Instagram claiming she was at her "own private beach” and not breaching the law, despite TT having no private beaches.

On Tuesday, police visited her St Augustine home, where they interviewed her and seized her phone and laptop. The Cyber Crime Unit is now investigating.

Comments on her father's Facebook page follow a public shaming from Deyalsingh at Monday’s virtual press conference, where he called her “the worst of young people in TT.”

A Facebook post on Wednesday morning on a page belonging to Odai Ramischand – an attorney – and addressed to the minister said, “F--k you and your family,” insisting the beach is his family’s private beach.

He said he studied public international law at UWI’s Cave Hill campus in Barbados and passed with distinction.

“...so I have some knowledge of the law of the sea and what constitutes a public and a private beach or private property.

“The land she was socialising on is over 600 acres and privately-owned. The hotel chain that wanted to build a hotel in Tobago, in fact, wanted to purchase this expansive area of land to build their hotel on this parcel of land. I was the lawyer dealing with this transaction. The owner built Wrightson Road among other substantial projects in TT.”

Deyalsingh had also said the woman – who said she didn’t have to explain herself to anyone – owes healthcare workers an explanation. He also asked if she had the professional equipment needed to treat covid19 patients at her private home.

In response to this, Odai Ramischand, who gave further details of his family's academic qualifications, said his other daughter works for his ministry as a doctor at the Women’s Hospital at Mt Hope.

“If my daughter Dr Ramona Ramischand provides health care services to the people of TT, don’t you think she would have cautioned her sister about her conduct on the private family beach and beach houses?”

In another post, he said the police did not have the same energy as they do for dealing with Samantha as they did when his youngest daughter Nikita was murdered. She was stabbed to death near the family home in 2012, aged 18.

“The police service, then, comprised of hopeless idiosyncratic and absolute lunatics and semi-illiterate duncy head police seniors,” he said.

He then said, “Honourable Minister Of Health, with this salutation: F--k YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND BE PREPARED FOR A FIGHT YOU HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE.


Newsday tried to call Odai Ramischand on several occasions but all calls went unanswered.

When Newsday previously contacted Samantha Ramischand, she said she had “not a word” to say on the issue.


"‘Private’ beach poster’s dad curses Deyalsingh"

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