No one charged for 3 Monday, Tuesday murders

Police are continuing investigations into three murders recorded on Monday and Tuesday.

Newsday was told on Wednesday no one has been charged for any of these murders.

The victims include 29-year-old Kimberly Ramsaran, whose body was found in Tunapuna Centenary Street around 5 pm on Monday, in a small abandoned concrete house. Ramsaran was found lying on her back in a bedroom with a chop wound to the neck.

Police said a friend found her body on Sunday around 11 pm but he did not make a report to the police. Instead, he told another friend, who went to the police on Monday.

On Monday night police found Kevon Goddard, 35, of Orange Grove Road, St Augustine, with a stab wound to the back after a domestic dispute. The command centre received a report of domestic violence there around 9.05 pm. When police arrived Goddard was found semi-naked and lying motionless on the ground.

Police said Goddard was at home and got into an altercation with a female relative, who stabbed Goddard in the upper back with a kitchen knife. He subsequently collapsed.The suspect was on the scene, calling for help. Goddard was pronounced dead at 10.12 pm while being treated at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

The suspect was also treated, then arrested and taken to the Tunapuna Police Station.

On Tuesday, Richard Stewart was shot several times in the head in his car on Seventh Avenue, Malick. Police said Stewart was found in a black Toyota Axio around 12.30 am with the engine still running. He was pronounced dead on the scene.


"No one charged for 3 Monday, Tuesday murders"

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