Environmental police shut down noisy Diego business

A Diego Martin resident who complained of loud music from a local business disturbing itsneighbours in a residential area is now at peace.

Environmental Management Agency (EMA) officials visited the business on Tuesday night, the resident saidd.

After the visit, the loud music stopped immediately and had not been heard again up to Newsday’s phone call at noon on Wednesday.

Newsday reported on Tuesday that the business would play loud music into the night, affecting residents in the area, many of whom were working from home or attending virtual classes.

The EMA's corporate communications unit e-mailed Newsday to say all noise reports, particularly disturbing music levels in neighbourhoods, must be reported to the police.

It said the police are responsibleunder the Summary Offences Act for address noise complaints from the public, even if they may not have authorised monitoring equipment.

It said on receipt of a complaint, the Environmental Police Unit is sent to investigate.

It explained, “The EMA urges all neighbourhood noise complaints to be reported to the TTPS, followed by a report to the EMA’s General Complaints e-mail address complaints@ema.co.tt.

"The Environmental Police Unit will be dispatched to measure the volume emanating from the reported location. Where there is a violation, charges can be laid based on the evidence gathered.”


"Environmental police shut down noisy Diego business"

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