Deyalsingh on parent's response: 'I'm not afraid to speak truth'

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh - ANGELO MARCELLE
Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh - ANGELO MARCELLE

AFTER apparently being cursed by attorney Odai Ramischand for criticising his daughter Samantha for breaching covid19 protocols, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said he is not afraid to speak the truth.

He said many have praised him for calling out the "reckless minority."

On Saturday, Samantha Ramischand posted a video on Instagram claiming she was on her "private beach” and not breaching the law, despite TT having no private beaches. Police are now investigating.

On Monday, Deyalsingh said she was “the worst of young people in TT.”

Posts on Odai Ramischand's Facebook page defended her on Wednesday, telling the minister, “F--k you and your family,” and insisting the beach is the family’s private beach.

Asked about this response at the Health Ministry's virtual press conference on Wednesday morning, Deyalsingh said, "I have also received messages from many parents saying, 'At last, somebody had the strength to talk to young people.'

"I took an oath in office recently to conduct myself without fear, favour, malice or ill will. I am not afraid, as Minister of Health, to talk the truth. Because it's the continuous sweeping under the carpet of the responsibility of every person...

"I am not afraid of the backlash. I anticipated it. In fact, I expected it to be worse...I am not afraid, I have no regrets, because we have to talk truth to power in this thing."


"Deyalsingh on parent’s response: ‘I’m not afraid to speak truth’"

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