Union at MTS out of touch

THE EDITOR: The recent article by Elizabeth Gonzales, headlined “MTS cleaners upset at having to clean more often,” really demonstrates just how far unions in this country are out of touch with reality.

With the onset of the global pandemic employers are demanding more cleaning, not less, it's simple common sense – attack the microbe more frequently with Lysol and bleach.

However, the most dangerous statement made by the president of the union that represents MTS workers was that private companies should be hired to sanitise their clients’ businesses, instead of MTS cleaners having to do this. The president is basically making a case for the private sector to replace MTS cleaners even though MTS was formed by the Government to clean government offices.

Given the loss in revenue by the PNM administration, this may well become a reality. It will certainly be cheaper, with less personnel replacing the thousands of workers at another inefficient state company.


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"Union at MTS out of touch"

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