TSTT internet blues for Moruga

THE EDITOR: TSTT/bmobile needs to step up its game as far as internet service to rural areas is concerned. For many years it has been our only service provider in Moruga, so we literally had to “take what we get!”

We currently pay $129 a month for two megabytes (MB). Compare that with what is currently being offered by AirLink – $219 a month for 50 MB and $400 a month for 100 MB.

Almost two years ago, we requested an upgrade of internet speed but to date there has been no change. Every time we call to follow up, we speak with some faceless, nameless representative who parrots the same phrases ad nauseam. We had to make the same request more than once because no one could locate the initial request.

We are now literally at our wit’s end as due to the covid19 restrictions increased internet speed has become critical, taking into account working at home and at-home schooling demands.

Additionally, the reliability leaves a lot to be desired.

Can someone in authority tell the residents of Moruga what is TSTT’s plan for these areas as there are several schools in the vicinity that would also require improved services in order to fulfil the expected demands with online learning.

Over to you TSTT/bmobile. Bring us into the 21st century please.


Basseterre, Moruga


"TSTT internet blues for Moruga"

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