THA: $7.8m plan for online learning 'a work in progress'

Education Secretary Kelvin Charles  -
Education Secretary Kelvin Charles -

How the $7.8 million allocated for digital devices for students and teachers is going to be spent is still "a work in progress."

So said THA Education Secretary Kelvin Charles as he gave Newsday an update on Monday on the $7.825 million approved by the Executive Council for the digital devices for online learning.

He said: “We are working out the details in light of the duty exemptions. It is a work in progress and the key stakeholders have to be consulted.”

Schools have been physically closed since March because of covid19, but the new school term began virtually on Monday.

Recently, the division revealed 4,000 students lack devices to log onto online platforms. Charles appealed to corporate TT to assist students.

“The division is also appealing to business organisations, members of civil society, churches, alumni of all schools and other citizens who have the financial means and capability, to assist a relative or student in your community,” he said.

He said people can also adopt a school to aid students in their online learning.


"THA: $7.8m plan for online learning ‘a work in progress’"

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