Rowley: Govt will not abandon energy sector

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley -
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley -

THE Prime Minister is assuring that TT's energy sector is still very much alive and that government "will not abandon it overnight."

He made the statement Tuesday morning, while discussing the return of the Invictus Deep Water Rig and the BHP Broadside Well at a press conference.

He said the covid19 pandemic has caused energy sectors regionally and internationally to "fall upon difficult times," but the drilling of the new well shows TT is continuing to push boundaries.

"We must remain mindful of the shifts (in the sector) and targets of many of our energy companies moving towards carbon neutrality and do our best as the government to lead and support the efforts to become more sustainable." He said "cautious optimism" is necessary, describing the drilling of the new well as a milestone.

"The energy sector still alive despite what some may say or choose to believe. While we are pushing our boundaries in other areas, we are not going to abandon our energy sector overnight. We must acknowledge our strengths and play to them whilst developing new strengths in other areas.

"I'm sure neither BHP nor the government of TT is going to let years of work and investment go down the drain."


"Rowley: Govt will not abandon energy sector"

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