Police find, caution ‘private beach’ owner

File photo.
File photo.

AFTER three days, the police have found a woman who recorded a now-viral video at what she claims was “her own private beach.”

They interviewed her and seized some of her belongings.

On Saturday, she posted a video on Instagram claiming she could not be charged for breaching covid19 regulations, since the beach was on “her own private land.”

She also said she did not have to explain herself to anybody.

But the police soon issued a release saying they were trying to find her.

In another release on Tuesday, they said Toco police, Grande CID, and Eastern Division Task Force, led by Sgt Callender and Cpl Guy, went to the woman’s St Augustine home at around 5.15 pm.

Sgt Callender searched for cell phones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices in relation to a report under investigation.

The release said “A search was carried out on the premises and one iPhone and one HP laptop were seized.

“Present at the address was the woman’s 35-year-old husband. The woman was interviewed following which the police officers left the premises. Sgt Callender is continuing inquiries.”


"Police find, caution ‘private beach’ owner"

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