Man held after cops find stolen car, van

Southern Division police found two stolen vehicles on Sunday – a car taken at gunpoint in the Princes Town district and a van in central.

A suspect has been arrested.

A report said at around 9 pm, police received a wireless transmission about a silver Nissan Tiida taken away at gunpoint by two men near Princes Town.

The car was seen heading towards Ste Madeleine on the M2 Ring Road. Police from the Task Force, CID units, Princes Town, San Fernando, ERP Units, La Romaine Unit, and South Crime Patrol units searched for the two gunmen while blocking escape routes.

Meanwhile they got another message from their command centre about a van stolen from the Central Division which was reported to be in Golconda. There, police found the van hidden and parked in a garage, and held a male suspect.

They later found the stolen car abandoned on a gravel road off the M2 Ring Road in Ste Madeleine.

Insp Bisnath of the San Fernando police station led the exercise, which included PCs Billy and Sujeet Ramcharan of the La Romaine post. Among the other officers were PCs Edwards, Phillip, Khan and Surijpaul of the South Crime Patrol and Buchoon of the CID.


"Man held after cops find stolen car, van"

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