Health minister to 'private beach' woman: You are the worst

A screenshot from the video of the woman police are looking for. -
A screenshot from the video of the woman police are looking for. -

HEALTH Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said the woman who recently posted a video at her family's "private beach" represents "the worst of young people in TT."

He was speaking at the ministry's virtual press conference on Monday.

Police are seeking the public's assistance to find the woman, who videotaped herself at an undisclosed location in Toco suggesting that even while there were restrictions imposed on the public to bathe in the sea, they did not apply to her and her family at their private beach.

The woman was criticised on social media for what many described as being elitist and was told that no one can own a beach.

Deyalsingh said while the country was praised for hosting a "successful" Caribbean Premier League (CPL) season which showed "how far we have come" and represents the best of how TT is handling the virus, all this was "undone" by the woman in the video.

In the video on Instagram , the woman said she was "at her own private beach on her own private land."

Deyalsingh said, "You represent a clear and present threat to my livelihood, the livelihoods of every single worker in TT."

He said these types of people "worship at the altar of denial.

"It is these individuals who will capsize the entire thing.

"I was in two minds on whether to show the video, but I decided not to. I'm sure everyone would have seen it.

"But I think what is more instructive is her narrative which is, 'We're not risking anybody's lives, because it's just our family."

He said he wished he could use some "other words" to address the woman, but would refrain from doing so.

"You are risking other people's lives ­– you are. She goes on to say, 'We know each others' whereabouts.'"

In the video, the woman said, "Not that I have to explain myself to anyone."

In response, Deyalsingh said, "Well, let me tell you something. You have to explain to my healthcare workers. Because when you get ill, you are coming to my hospital – and when I use 'my,' I mean for emphasis.

"Are you going to build an ICU (intensive care unit) in your house? You have oxygen (masks) in your house? You have a heart monitor in your house? You have a ventilator in your house? You have IV set up in your house?"

He urged citizens, once again, to be responsible.


"Health minister to ‘private beach’ woman: You are the worst"

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