Covid19 shoots down hunting season

THIS year's hunting season is set to be affected owing to the covid19 pandemic and the need for the state to ensure that health restrictions, especially gatherings of no more than five people are maintained in order to minimise the spread of the virus.

To emphasise this point, the sale of state game licences for hunting, as set out in the Conservation of Wildlife Act, was postponed according to a release on Monday from the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries.

The conservator of forests took this decision after consultation with the Health Ministry, which advised that this activity encourages congregating.

The release reminded the public that at the Health Ministry’s press conference on Saturday, the Government announced a further 28-days extension (to October 11) of regulatory measures to manage covid19. It includes the restrictions on congregating.

"The conservator of Forests is still considering aspects of hunting including the exercising of dogs which is normally permitted at this time," the release said. "These other aspects of hunting will be addressed in a subsequent release."


"Covid19 shoots down hunting season"

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