Body of 58-year-old man found in Oropune Gardens

THE BODY of a 58-year-old man from Oropune Gardens was found behind his house on Saturday.

A police report said Clyde Gonzales, of 6B Oropune Gardens, was last seen alive by his girlfriend, Serma Primlal, at his home at 6 am on Friday. Around 10 pm, she looked for him but could not find him.

At about 12.45 pm the next day, his neighbour Nathaniel Mc Williams saw his body lying in some bushes behind his house.

There were wounds to his neck, cheek and the right side of his hip. PC Gopaul and WPC David were first responders to the scene and investigations are continuing by the Homicide Bureau.


"Body of 58-year-old man found in Oropune Gardens"

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