Ms Heritage Personality to show off evening gowns

Jeri-Ann Sterling – Ms Argyle telling her story as the village belle who got entangled with the village ram and the consequences. -
Jeri-Ann Sterling – Ms Argyle telling her story as the village belle who got entangled with the village ram and the consequences. -

THE ten candidates vying for the Ms Tobago Heritage Personality 2020 will participate in another segment of the competition as they show off their evening gowns today.

The competition is part of the ongoing Heritage Festival.

This year a village project has been added to the competition. The delegates are required to document a feature of their community, using either video, audio, literature, performance or entertainment to tell its story. The project must reflect the theme Tracing Legacies.

Shaquan Alleyne – Ms Mt St George Police Youth Club as an obeah women attending to a young girl with a suspicious pregnancy. -

Ms Tobago Heritage Personality 2020 is about growth, development and cultural/community connectivity, said a media release. The episodes also featured performances on extempo, dance/movement, spoken word and calypso.

The 33-year-old Heritage Festival has adapted quickly to the changing environment and has gone 100 per cent digital, due to the covid19 restrictions, the release said. It is running over a four-week period on social media and mainstream media.

Kezia Sandy – Ms Mt Grace does a monologue as Ms Grace who returns from her grave to lament the loss of tradition and to exhort the community to honour its cultural heroes. -

Chairman of the Festivals Commission Dr Denyse Tsoiafatt Angus said in the release: “We have not compromised on quality and there were savings as we went digital."

Tsoiafatt Angus also pointed out that the engagement with younger viewers was also satisfying to see this year.

“The benefits of social media and the feedback from the younger viewers was a signal that we are going in the right direction. Who knows where all the covid19 challenges will take us. This virtual format also allows the commission to share Heritage offerings with global viewers, a more diverse live audience for future events."

Aleah Holder – Ms Roxborough portrays a slave telling her story of the events leading up to the Belmana Riot. -

Tsoiafatt Angus said she hoped the training invested into the contestants will prepare them for future projects.

“Hopefully, through the development and capacity training, offered in the preparation for this event, we would have assisted the contestants for a future that is unpredictable, as it is, full of opportunities. As we celebrate the power and determination of our next generation of Tobago women. We can do anything, and that's a key message for all young women. No profession or skill is closed to women today, we can do anything. Look at Tobago now, where the highest elected political offices on the island are held by women.”

Khandelle Smith – Ms Thythmic Vibrations in the role of a Tobago-born English writer who suffers writers block, visits Fort King George and is inspired to trace Tobago's history. -

The ten delegates are Aleah Holder, Roxborough; Alliyah Sandy, Scarborough/ De Kulture Klub Ensemble; Davina Nelson, Les Coteaux; Jeri-Ann Sterling, Argyle; Karicia Morrison, Delicia’s Dance Agency; Kezia Sandy, Mt Grace; Khandelle Smith, Rhythmic Vibrations; Maiah Craig-Charles, Carnbee/Mt Pleasant; Shaquan Alleyne, Mt St George Police Youth Club; and Tiffany Quashie-Williams, Mason Hall Village Council Folk Performers.

Showtime is 8 pm and can be viewed on Tobago Festivals Commission's page, TTT Live Online and also on Tobago Channel 5, both on social media as well as television.

The winner will be crowned in the final episode on September 19 which can be viewed on the same media options from 8.35 pm.

For more info on Heritage activities visit the commission’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube social pages via the handle @tobagofestivals.


"Ms Heritage Personality to show off evening gowns"

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