Duke will contest PSA election: 'I must fight another day'

Watson Duke
Watson Duke

Public Services Association of TT (PSA) president Watson Duke announced the date for the PSA elections during a press conference on Thursday.

The election will be held on November 23 and nominations will close in 15 days, on September 25.

Duke also confirmed he will berunning once more fo president of the association.

“I thank the members who have supported me over the years. I do intend to run again with a strong team, and I look forward to your support and your vote.”

He asked his competitors for a clean, fair fight, adding he expected the election to be heated. “

Sometimes PSA elections can be more heated than general elections…but whatever the results say, I am here and may the best man win. I hold no grudge. I hold no malice.”

Duke said he is going up for the position because members of the PSA have called on him to do so, and encouraged voters to support any candidate they deem fit for the position.

“If you could find a better, more brave leader than myself – more intelligent, more brave, more eloquent, more charismatic, someone that you believe in – I say vote for that person and I myself will vote for that person.”

He said members told him they were unable to find such a leader, and asked him to contest again, and he accepted.

“I have said to myself that I must fight another day...to save workers and ensure they are allowed the dignity to take care of their families.”

On November 23, members of the public service will vote for officers of the association, including president, first vice president, second vice president, general secretary, deputy general secretary, five industrial relations officers, two trustees and treasurer.

Duke said anyone who has been a member of the PSA for at least a year is eligible for nomination. A nomination fee of $500 and nominations from ten members of the PSA are also required.


"Duke will contest PSA election: 'I must fight another day'"

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