Dressed Up goes virtual

Dressed Up brings its style online. -
Dressed Up brings its style online. -

DRESSED UP, the Caribbean-owned retail shoppe which specialises strictly in dresses is moving its unique style online. The move comes after a year of serving customers from its Newark, New Jersey base.

In addition to offering a collection of contemporary and vintage dresses, Dressed Up, will continue to infuse the beauty, elegance and warmth that have become synonymous with the Dressed Up The Shoppe, said a media release.

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Trinidadian-born entrepreneur and fashionista Diane "Fury" Wiltshire spearheads the Dressed Up brand. The release said while she was resistant to the idea of adding a digital adaptation, the covid19 and the necessity for online product and service procurement, helped fuelled the change.

Wiltshire said in the release, “My intention in opening my shoppe was to always meet people where they are and, where we all are in this moment is finding ways to virtually satisfy our needs and desires.”

The online store has received favourable and enthusiastic feedback from an international cross section of customers, as well as praise for its mixture of modern and vintage selections, the release said. The dresses are available to customers in the US and internationally to those with access to sky boxes.

Dressed Up will also be a platform for up-and-coming designers and entrepreneurs. -

While Wiltshire's goal is for global expansion, the brand which features Meiling's dress collection styles, will eventually be a platform for other entrepreneurs to showcase their products, the release said. She is committed to finding ways to support other small business owners and entrepreneurs on one platform where they can showcase themselves on a monthly basis, the release said.

The store's charitable arm, reDressed, is maintaining its mission to dress survivors of domestic abuse as they re-enter the workforce, the release said.


"Dressed Up goes virtual"

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