Special flight from TT to Miami on Saturday

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Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) announced there will be a "special" flight on Saturday from the Piarco International Airport to Miami International Airport.

In a press release on Wednesday, CAL said this was done in conjunction with the Ministry of National Security. The flight will be leaving at 10 am and is expected to arrive in Miami at 2.05 pm. Checkin is at 6 am. Tickets are US$500 for Economy class and US$700 for Business class.

Those interested can contact CAL Reservations Sales and Service Centre for reservations.

Minister of National Security Stuart Young told Newsday 100 citizens will return on the CAL flight to Miami.

He said, "One of the repatriation flights that we have been working on, that is expected this weekend, is a CAL flight to and from Miami."We are working on over 100 nationals being repatriated on that flight. We have been granting an increased number of exemptions for entry in keeping with the liberalised exemption policy. More nationals have been making their way back to Trinidad in keeping with this increased exemption policy.

"We are also working on another flight this weekend which will be from Barbados and it is expected that that flight will have approximately 130 nationals being repatriated on it.”


"Special flight from TT to Miami on Saturday"

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