Nation First hopes to 'rebuild TT'

Dr Navi Muradali, chairman of the online forum Nation First. - Courtesy Dr Navi Muradali
Dr Navi Muradali, chairman of the online forum Nation First. - Courtesy Dr Navi Muradali

For the love of country, a former San Fernando mayor and other "independent-minded citizens" have created an online forum titled Nation First to help make Trinidad and Tobago a better place.

Dr Navi Muradali said, "As we (citizens) rebuild TT, we want to renew a sense of patriotism. That way, we can look past superficial issues and work together to make TT a better place."

"Nation First is an idea created by independent-minded citizens to create a space for people interested in nation-building to share their ideas and concerns. We can advocate for those ideas to become a reality."

Muradali is the chairman of Nation First, which was created in July.

He served as mayor from July 2012 to November 2013 as a Congress of the People member. He resigned from the party last November, after staying away from party politics for a while.

At the August 10 general elections, he endorsed UNC’s Sean Sobers for San Fernando West, a seat which the PNM retained by Faris al-Rawi, the attorney general.

"That was a personal decision. I chose to support Mr Sobers because I thought he was very progressive in his ideas. This forum hopes to attract independent and non-aligned voters to discuss policies, good governance, and social justice issues.

The group is currently working on two campaigns.

"One relates to electoral reform which will give voters more power. Nation First will be presenting various proposals to the government, opposition and civil society for their consideration," Muradali said.

"The other relates to fiscal responsibility legislation similar to what is used in the Bahamas. This legislation provides for more accountability on how governments spend and borrow money. It relates to government using tax-payer’s money without overspending."

He emphasised that the group administrators do not tolerate race-baiting or any form of damaging comments against people or groups because of differences of opinions.

People can join via Facebook and WhatsApp at (868) 475- 8123.


"Nation First hopes to ‘rebuild TT’"

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