Point Fortin woman's house put up for sale without her knowing

Imagine waking up to see advertisements with the notice that the house you are living in is now for sale for $200,000.

This was the predicament of Lavern Brown of Techier Village, Point Fortin, who said that a man to whom she refused to sell her house is behind the scheme.

In one of the advertisements, the man, who says he is the owner of a real estate company, is seeking $200,000 and a down payment of 10 per cent from buyers.

Lavern Brown points at one of the advertisements on her phone showing her house for sale.
-Chequana Wheeler

Brown is warning people to be careful not to fall victim to the scheme, as her house is not for sale.

She said on Monday she was bombarded with messages from friends, family members, and villagers telling her there were advertisements accompanied by a photograph of her house up for sale.

Brown had been living at the house for the past ten years, since her parents died.

She said the man, who is a relative, has been asking her to sell the house, but she has refused on numerous occasions.

“It became so bad that I had to get a restraining order from the court to protect me, as he became violent because I refused to sell the house.

"This is my house, it is all I have left of my parents and is not for sale.”

Brown said she thought the man had given up until she was made aware of the advertisements. One told buyers that the house used to be hers.

A report was made to the Point Fortin Police Station. The matter has also been referred to the Fraud Squad.


"Point Fortin woman’s house put up for sale without her knowing"

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