Rio Claro man gunned down at home


A 25-year-old Rio Claro man was gunned down at his home on Saturday night.

Dead is Dillon “Max” Balliram, who lived at Boos Settlement. He worked as a labourer at the Mayaro/ Rio Claro Regional Corporation.

Police said at about 11.45 pm, gunshots awakened his mother, Wendy, who was asleep in her room.

She went in Balliram’s room and found him with multiple gunshot wounds.

She reported to police that she saw him lying in a hammock in the living room earlier in the night.

Rio Claro and Homicide Bureau Region II police were contacted and visited the scene. Up to Sunday morning, police were searching for the killer/s.

PC Gillard is leading investigations.

Chairman of the corporation, Raymond Cozier told Newsday he did not know Balliram personally, adding he was saddened about the death.

“I knew his deceased father. The father worked at the corporation for many years.

It is sad to see that another young person has lost his life by the gun. My condolences go to the grieving family,” Cozier said.

An autopsy is scheduled for Monday at the Forensic Sciences Centre in St James.


"Rio Claro man gunned down at home"

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