Young: More open exemption policy coming soon

National Security Minister Stuart Young at the opening of Parliament on August 28. FILE PHOTO -
National Security Minister Stuart Young at the opening of Parliament on August 28. FILE PHOTO -

A LIBERALISED policy outlining the criteria to grant exemptions to nationals to return to TT is coming soon, says National Security Minister Stuart Young.

Young, responding to a question at the health ministry's covid19 media briefing on Saturday morning, said there are many factors in deciding who is allowed back home and when. He said they will be underlined in the policy which is nearing completion.

In the meantime, he said he could confirm that it is not done solely on a first-come, first-serve basis, and that there are several other factors which are considered, including the person's age, health status, whether they have children, and the date they departed TT.

He said exemptions are not being immediately considered for people who recently "jumped on the bandwagon."

Young said the government is also to assist women who delivered babies while abroad and were unable to return home by getting them emergency documents.

Last Saturday, the Prime Minister said it was time to bring home more nationals who got stranded abroad when the borders closed in March due to the covid19 pandemic. Government, he said, would take steps to increase the number of exemptions.

The policy for exemptions for citizens will be applied in a high risk and medium-high risk categories.

In the low risk category, citizens should not be in a high-risk or medium-risk country 14 days prior to entry; citizens must produce a negative PCR test for 72 hours before; and, citizens must sign a form to quarantine at home for 14 days on arrival.

In the high risk-medium category, citizens should be in state quarantined for seven days after arrival into TT; citizens will be swabbed; citizens once not positive, will be home quarantined for seven days; and, if positive and not in need of hospitalisation, the CMO will decide on facilities to be transferred to.


"Young: More open exemption policy coming soon"

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